The Excel Saga Quiz
Which Excel Saga character are you?

1. "Mega Warheads" candy is a product of which country?
South Africa

2. How do you feel about secret societies?
I despise them, with those dangerous handshakes and evil schemes...*mutter*
I can't say I've really thought about it.
Ha! Conspiracy theorists are just fnord silly.
I'm staying as far away from them as possible.
I'm proud to serve the best, most powerful group on Earth!

3. You've found a stray puppy. What do you do?
What a coincidence - I was just thinking of expanding my army of genetically engineered feline minions.
I'll take the poor thing in, and give it a good home.
I don't want to get involved, but I guess I'll call the Humane Society.
I'll feed the puppy until I can find someone to take care of it.

4. Who would be your ideal cute animal companion?
Probably a cat or dog of some sort.
Joe, the adorable chibi "One-Minute Manager."
Penelope, the ever-vigilant Penguin of Justice!
Thisby, the cheerful bright blue lemur.
Murray, the talking vulture.

5. What type of government do you prefer?
Anarchy. It's fun for the whole family!
An authoritative government is best, as long as it can be manipulated for my righteous cause.
The world should be controlled by one enlightened, charismatic leader!
We should strive for a truly representative democracy.
I really don't care about politics.

6. How do you generally get started in the mornings?
I get started around 9, except on weekends.
I get up at 6:30, so that I have plenty of time for breakfast before work.
I get up and have coffee at 7:30.
I'll drag myself out of bed and have a few cups of triple espresso around 11 AM.
I'm cheerfully bouncing around the house at 5:30 AM!

7. The pizza boy is half an hour late, and the place isn't answering their phone. Now what?
No big deal. I'll just have my friend Jimmy the Ferret pay them a...little visit.
*sigh* I suppose I should be eating healthier food anyway.
I'll get annoyed and go fetch my pizza in person.
I'll drive there and make sure that everything's all right.
Excellent. My diabolical plan to irritate the moronic, pizza-eating masses is working!

8. How do people react when meeting you?
A polite nod, maybe a handshake.
I told 'em, millennium hand and shrimp I told 'em, them and their open-face sandwiches...
They generally greet me warmly and strike up a conversation.
People generally don't notice me at all.
Bow at my feet and offer to serve my every wish for the rest of their lives. Why do you ask?

Disclaimer: Results may not make sense.

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