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Hello, and welcome to Laserchicken Productions!  We're proud to present some simply fine anime music videos.

Laserchicken Productions was formed last year after a couple of people who hung around the same chatroom asked themselves, "hey, why not form an AMV studio?"  While they've only produced enough videos to count on a hand, they've all been received well by audiences at conventions around the country and around the 'net.  Hopefully, you'll enjoy them too. ^_^

Laserchicken Productions is:

Lawrence "LoopyChew" Chu: An unimportant man who just happens to be the designer of the webpage, so he gave himself first billing.  Lawrence has completed three videos, not completed numerous others, and occasionally doodles chickens holding energy rifles to use as mascot-logos for AMV studio webpages.

James "Calculus" Renken: Host of this fine webpage and founder of the studio, James has not created any videos yet, but dreamt of one once.

Steven "Rutt" Rutter: The Third Man.  Rutt's beloved first video made it all the way to Anime Expo's AMV finals.  We assume the judges are big fans of David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman.  Or maybe he managed to get them with his hypno-vision.  And he's never been to Boston in the fall.

Video information:
And now, what you've all been waiting...oh, forget it.

By Chu:
"Knock Down the Walls" - Trigun - Offspring: Original Prankster
"Butterfly" - Rurouni Kenshin - Butterfly
"Switch" - Serial Experiments Lain - Apple: Switch Commercial
"The Hunt" - Witch Hunter Robin - System Shock 2: Medical Science Labs 1

By Rutt:
"Radinov's Bad Habit" - Gunsmith Cats - Offspring: Bad Habit

Because I am a linkmongering whore.  And how!

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And, of course, that Excel Saga quizlet for your bulletin board thread/blog/whatever.

And that's it for the time being!  Stay tuned for updates...sometime this century.


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